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Voltage Inc Announcements on February 1st 2023

I literally cannot keep up!

It’s only Day 1 of the second month of the year, but Voltage Inc has been busy making announcements both for their Japanese audience and their overseas audience left and right earlier today, leaving me confused for a bit until I dug deeper and got more information.

Let’s start with the major one for the English-speaking audience:

Kagami no Naka no Princess Love Palace (鏡の中のプリンセス Love Palace), shortened to MiraPuri (ミラプリ) in Japanese, will be localized in English later this year! Route preview will be available on the Love 365 app this 8th February 2023. Like Court of Darkness, Princess In The Mirror will be a standalone app.

I’m quite excited for this as I did try the app in Japanese back in 2019 before attending a MiraPuri event (more on that later), but ultimately stopped playing as I only have about 12 hours of free time to do stuff. My Japanese friends were very much surprised at the localization announcement but are happy nonetheless that there will be an English version out soon.

I reckon that they decided to go with this app as the isekai genre has been popular over the western audience, so this might be a good app to start with? Honestly, this was a good choice, but I would have been happier if we got Ouji-sama no Propose (Be My Princess)…

Still, I am highly likely to give this game a try when it does come out.

Left to Right: Faris Lassen, Hawk Velvet, Luca Savini, Simian Clay, Joseph Remi
(Note: names are the official romanized version in MiraPuri; this is subject to change when the game is official localized)

Fenn Luxure/Modea’s Book 2 has been official released on Court of Darkness today!

I knew it was coming, but I didn’t think it would be this early!

Alas, I have yet to start the man’s route.

I’ll get there… eventually……..

Now, for the Japanese audience…

In case you missed it, Voltage Inc has been dabbing into the situational CD scene two years ago with the Queen Lily label, and it seems like their efforts have paid off as they have added, Honey Mellow (Queen Lily’s sister label), to their lineup.

So far, so good.

Today is the 2nd anniversary for Queen Lily, so their Twitter account was more active than usual.

I was a bit busy with work today so I only decided to go to the Voltage Inc website to catch up on all the news about their drama CD business until…


I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but like everyone else who was shocked at the announcement, it seems like after a year and eight months of no situational CD releases (the man was busy with a certain R-18 BL game), he’s back to recording for this genre. Naturally, as a fan of his, I am thrilled that I can go back to buying merch to support him for his efforts.

Right now, Queen Lily and Honey Mellow are mostly selling the albums digitally. Some of the titles from Queen Lily have physical media, but it seems to be only available through Stella Worth? I honestly have yet to purchase from the Queen Lily label, so one pf these days, I’ll give it a listen.

In all honesty, the Netsuai Kekkon series looks interesting, as the premise is about “Contractual Marriage” (one of my favorite tropes), so I’m waiting for a chance to purchase Volume 1, with Volume 2 a must buy as it is voiced by Kuroi Isamu. If this label ends up becoming successful and a physical CD will be released, I will definitely buy it a second time.

While the above doesn’t seem too exciting nor was it a lot, it was still overwhelming for me to take in. I’d never thought Voltage Inc would ever get the chance to localize MiraPuri, yet here we are.

I also never thought that Kuroi Isamu would get back to situational CDs, but I guess he still enjoys what he does, so that’s very much reassuring to me, as a fan of his works, regardless if it’s rated media or wholesome media.

For now, I’ll take it all in stride and keep calm until each of the titles/labels’ release dates.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be securing my digital copy of Netsu’ai Kekkon Vol 1 by Sento Renado…

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