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Stella Worth Relocating Within Ikebukuro!

To anyone who is currently in Japan or is planning to visit Japan after April 29th, take note of the changes!

Can’t read the announcement? Translation under the cut!
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voltage inc

Voltage Inc Announcements on February 1st 2023

I literally cannot keep up!

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KoiRan/SLBP: Happy Birthday, Ieyasu!

Today is my 2nd favorite lord’s birthday, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and I had an advance celebration last Saturday at the Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran Love Ballad x The Chara Collab Cafe.

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MakaNai/Court of Darkness: Aquia Monus/Avari Book 1 (Chapters 1 – 4)

Aquia Monus/Avari’s Book 1 is out on the Makai Ouji to Miwaku no Nightmare (MakaNai) app, and I’ve read up until Chapter 10, which I thought was a good stopping place as it’s [still] all rainbows and sunshine, albeit there are hints here and there that Aquia isn’t the biddable, meek person that he portrays to be.

For now, I’ve written up until Chapter 4’s summary as best as I can.

Warning: Spoilers here and there after the cut.

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