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About Seiyuu Pseudonyms

Note: this will touch upon the TL doujin series ‘The Man Who Saved Me on my Isekai Trip was a Killer…’ and the recently released anime promotional video for said series.

The real name of the seiyuu involved in the promotional video will not be mentioned for various reasons.

You can view the promotional video here (R-18 content, heed the warning):

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[Unboxing] Radiant Tale Special Stella Set

Another month, another game.

For the first time, I bought a game that I have never actively researched on. I just decided to preorder it because like the circus freaks in this game, I’m one too, so I guess I belong.

One of the few things I know is that this game has no bad endings. I’m just hoping that this will be a more light-hearted game.

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[Cafe Review] Kirby Cafe Tokyo

Was it worth it?

A notoriously difficult cafe to get a slot for, after much perseverance and patience, I managed to get a slot for my friend and myself on the weekend after Japan’s Golden Week, so off we went to Sumida Ward, where Tokyo Skytree is located.

Note: between my friend and I, she’s the Kirby fan while I’m the ‘extra friend you bring to cafes because you need photos of the food and drinks’, which is why I tagged along.

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[Unboxing] Birushana Senki ~Ichiju no Kaze~ Special Stella Sets

Yes, there’s an ‘s’.

Multiple copies of the same game? Yep, I’ve done it again.

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