otome, 乙女

Stella Worth Relocating Within Ikebukuro!

To anyone who is currently in Japan or is planning to visit Japan after April 29th, take note of the changes!

Can’t read the announcement? Translation under the cut!

Anyone who has bought or looked at shop exclusive bundles for otome games have heard of the store ‘Stella Worth’ at least once.

Since early March this year, Stella Worth has hinted that they are moving to another location, and have mentioned that the new store will still be within Ikebukuro.

Earlier today, they have finally announced that they will be moving to the small building right next to the Animate Ikebukuro Flagship Store.

From Stella Worth’s website

Since it takes time to move from one location to the other, Stella Worth has informed all visitors to their shop of the following changes (Source):

  1. Store hours from April 19 to April 27 will be from 12:00NN to 8:00PM
  2. Only specific items will be sold between April 19 (Wed) to April 28 (Fri) while they relocate.
  3. Regarding # 1, they will only do the following: accept reservations, reservation pick-up, partial sales of new arrivals
  4. On April 28 (Friday), they will close an hour early at 7:00PM.

If my map-reading skills are on-point, this will be the new location for Stella Worth
Search for プラザイン池袋

Personally, I’m happy that they are moving to another area as their current building has a new tenant that caters to card game players, which may have made some of Stella Worth’s customers (myself included) feel rather uncomfortable at having to get on the same elevator as the players. Not to mention, the elevators are always crowded on weekends.

Also, the new store is closer to Ikebukuro Station, which is always a plus. I can easily walk there, do my business, and then go home.

Can’t wait to see the new shop on the 29th!

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