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KoiRan Event: Shukuen no Hana ~Futari de Chigiru Eien~

祝宴の華 ~ふたりで契る永遠~
Banquet of Elegance ~Our Pledge of Eternity~
Event is from 2020/6/16 16:00 (JST)
until 2020/6/25 16:00 (JST)
Event Completion Look

First three routes (Oda Nobunaga, Sanada Yukimura, and Date Masamune) have been released.

The remaining routes for Akechi Mitsuhide, Kirigakure Saizo, and Katakura Kojuro will be released on 21st June 2020 at 16:00 (JST)

Early Completion Bonus:

Complete Nobunaga, Yukimura, and Masamune’s route before 21st June 16:00 to receive the
Pure and Gorgeous Princess’ Curly Hair
fashion item

Event Ranking Prizes:

Top 1 ~ 300:

  • 6 individual chibi of each of the lords
  • Incomparable Lady Make-up (無敵姫のお化粧)

Top 301 ~ 1500:

  • Oda Nobunaga, Sanada Yukimura, and Date Masamune battle chibi
  • Incomparable Lady Make-up (無敵姫のお化粧)

Top 1501 ~ 2500

  • Incomparable Lady Make-up (無敵姫のお化粧)

Fashion Items From Each Lord:

Oda Nobunaga – Daring Princess’ Flower Patterned Shawl Akechi Mitsuhide – Daring Princess’ Kimono
Sanada Yukimura – Daring Princess’ Blooming Rose (Object)
Kirigakure Saizo – Daring Princess’ Boots
Date Masamune – Daring Princess’ Spear
Katakura Kojuro – Daring Princess’ Rose Hakama

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