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KoiRan/SLBP: Happy Birthday, Ieyasu!

Today is my 2nd favorite lord’s birthday, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and I had an advance celebration last Saturday at the Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran Love Ballad x The Chara Collab Cafe.

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[Nintendo Switch] Voltage Inc’s Even If Tempest Fandisc Confirmed!

B’s-Log December 2022 issue, which was released this October 20th, revealed that Even If Tempest will be getting a fandisc!

No news on the release date yet, but assuming that everything goes well, we should be able to play it sometime next year, in 2023.

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[Event Report] Otomate Dramatic Theater Vol. 2: Birushana Senki ~Genpei Akikaze no Mai~

The very event I’ve been waiting for after Otomate Party 2022: the Birushana Senki live reading!

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Otomate Winter Market 2021-2022: Shop Visit Report

It’s that time of year again when Otomate somehow insists on doing their merch fair in-person, doesn’t bother to do it online, and always in limited quantity that there’s nothing left for you to buy when it’s your turn.

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