Shrine Visit 2023: Kanda Myojin, Ueno Toshogu

Better late than never.

Kanda Myojin was where its at, as they have the ceremonial evil-warding arrow that I needed.

Close up of the ema (絵馬)

While I do visit Kanda Myojin from time to time whenever I’m in the neighborhood, it was only now I found out that they have a shinme (sacred horse; 神馬).

Akari-chan taking a nap after a night of carrying the gods
Precious baby pony

It was so crowded at Kanda Myojin as well:

People waiting for their turn to pray
Omamori from Kanda Myojin;
this is so money will come my way

After some lunch, I decided to walk to Ueno Toshogu to buy more omamori and get some shrine stamps.

I got two from Ueno Toshogu.
Left: Hane mamori (跳守)
Right: Yakuyoke mamori (厄除守)

And lastly, I got two shrine stamps (御朱印).

The New Year Special stamp
The January-only stamp

May 2023 be a good year for all of us!

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