[Unboxing] Radiant Tale Special Stella Set

Another month, another game.

For the first time, I bought a game that I have never actively researched on. I just decided to preorder it because like the circus freaks in this game, I’m one too, so I guess I belong.

One of the few things I know is that this game has no bad endings. I’m just hoping that this will be a more light-hearted game.

Full set
Special Edition cover art
Commissioned art for the Stella Worth Shop Bonus
Special Stella Set Can Badges
Mini acrylic stand + chain chibi for the Special Stella Set merch
Standard edition cover art
Special Edition gets a Book[let] bundled with it

The game has been good so far; I’m enjoying the characters and the pacing. I do hope it ends up becoming a great game, seeing as this particular company’s weakest is always its plot.

Until next time!

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