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Amaou Strawberry Pancakes

With Tokyo’s cases rising, it was only a matter of time before residents are asked to refrain from doing non-essential trips and stores are forced to close early.

For that, my friend R and I decides to finally give those luxurious pancakes a try.

Satsuki, a patisserie/coffee shop located in Hotel New Otani in Kioicho, became known nationwide when then-Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga mentioned on a TV program aired last 2019 that he loves the pancakes there.

Amaou strawberry pancakes for the winter season

R and I have been planning to eat pancakes, but plans to do so always got postponed for various reasons… and to be honest, the only thing that forced our hand to finally go was because we didn’t know when we would get the chance again to try it out.

Since it’s a three-day weekend, we decided to go on a Saturday, hoping that we would get seated immediately. Thankfully, we only waited for five minutes to get a table.

I guess we were too overwhelmed that I totally forgot to take a photo of the interior.

Placemats were laid out in front of us

The menu was rather pricy (as expected from a high-end hotel), but with our hearts and wallets decided, we opted for the amaou strawberry pancake. Upon taking our order, staff informed us that it would take time, about 20 ~ 30 minutes.

To pass the time, we figuratively spilled some tea.

Half an hour later, the pancakes were brought to our table.

In addition, we had our pick of maple syrup:

L ~ R: Gold, Amber, Dark;
I mostly used Dark on the paler pancake.


Believe me when I say that it was delicious. It really was a wonderful experience.

However, I find it a bit difficult to reconcile with the price of the pancakes. It’s something that I would not pay for in a heartbeat, but something that would take awhile for me to decide.

Also, I found the darker pancake too sweet. Maybe I should have ordered strong tea, or anything other than water to pair up with the dessert. It did take awhile for me to finish everything on my plate.

Would I go back? Sure, but not too soon.

I need to give my tastebuds a break.

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