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Ken ga Kimi Illustration Exhibit: Event Report

Small events are the way to go

We were asked to register our names, our mobile numbers, and which prefecture we live since I guess they needed a record of sorts.

When I went to get my bonuses, they asked us for a survey on what fandom we were in. The girl before me answered A3! and Twisted Wonderland. When it came to me, I answered several fandoms, including Pythagoras Productions, which kind of surprised the staff. I guess Rejet fangirls don’t crossover to other Rejet works, or rarely.

Event was small, so there’s not much to report on, save that Yomi-sensei’s illustrations are so good, I was in awe and had no words other that, “Damn.”

Photography wasn’t allowed for the illustrations itself but we were allowed to take photos of the posters, which doubled as the bonuses for visiting the exhibit.

The illumination used to advertise the event
Ken ga Kimi for S promo poster; same illustration used for the standard edition cover of the game
Merch for sale; surprises that there’s no random can badges

Parting thoughts:

I’m glad to have not rushed to be at the event an hour before it opens (a habit that I got used to when going to events, pre-corona) because there were very few fangirls queuing. I guess everyone’s still hesitant to go out because of the current situation, but better for me as there are less people to fight with for the merch.

I’m relatively new to the series so I’m looking forward to more illustrations, specifically Enishi’s, all because I think he deserves to be front and center sometimes.

Till next time!

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