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[Unboxing] Ken ga Kimi for S Animate Exclusive Set + Special Stella Set

Yes, I bought two copies of the same game.

Was it worth it? Sure it was.

There’s a lot to unpack here, so more photos below the cut.

The whole haul:

Ken ga Kimi for S Standard Edition with the Animate Exclusive Set
Ken ga Kimi for S Limited Edition with the Special Stella

So… that’s a lot.

But there’s more.

For some reason, Rejet allowed Animate to sell a Standard Edition + Animate Exclusive store bonus, so I took advatage of that chance as I found the Animate store bonuses to be really pretty.

Animate Exclusive Set: can badges + acrylic keychain standees + bromides
Animate Exclusive Set: B2-sized multi-cloth
Ken ga Kimi for S Standard Edition + pre-order bonus Drama CD

That’s it for the Animate Exclusive Set.

Stella Worth’s Limited Edition + Special Stella Set did not disapppoint.

Ken ga Kimi for S Limited Edition box cover

If anyone’s curious, below is the size comparison between limited edition vs standard edition

Special Stella Set: Stella Set Bonus Booklet + chibi art bromide
Special Stella Set: chibi art acrylic keychain standees + chibi art can badges
Special Stella Set: chibi art clear file
Also, what the hell, Suzukake
Stella Worth-exclusive bonus drama CD

I have been meaning to play this game ever since I heard of it, so getting a Switch port was good news for me.

It’s also nice to be able to get my hands on Ken ga Kimi merch, seeing as Skit Dolce/Rejet Shop loves doing everything in randoms/blinds/kuji, so I took advantage of an “easier” way to get hold of it.

The game’s been an absolute banger so far, and I am enjoying it a lot!

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