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Japan and Twitter: Winning Stuff For Free

In honor of Meat Day (2/9), I made this post to share the news that thanks to a popular and well-known otome game company, I won free pork!

The item in question is, to be specific, Shimanto pork, a local breed of pork from Kochi Prefecture.

As to why I won pork of all things, it’s because the otome game in question has Sakamoto Ryoma, a native of Tosa (modern-day Kochi Prefecture), as its poster boy.

Kaji Yuki as Sakamoto Ryoma from Bakumatsu Ishin Amakakeru Koi,
Voltage Inc’s newest social mobile game

Add to that, the company in question announced the start of the campaign on ‘Ii Niku no Hi’ (Good Meat Day) , which was last November 29, 2020 (11/29/2020), with 11 being ‘ii’, while ’29’ can be read as ‘ni’ (two) and ‘ku’ (nine).

The tweet in question

I joined the campaign as I love playing their otome games, though at that time, I already conditioned myself not to get my hopes up. I’ve been trying my luck to get prizes from various companies’ campaigns, and I rarely win anything, so this time around, I didn’t think too much of it.

… Until, of course, I got the notice that I won.

Cue in me scrambling to purchase a refrigerator (I’ve been living without one for half a decade and it’s only now I thought it would be good to have one, given the current world situation and I am currently working from home) before they had it delivered.

Winning pork was, after all, a good excuse to buy a fridge.

Fridge was delivered to my place, and a week later, my Shimanto pork was delivered, which I opened immediately after to inspect.

Shimanto pork from Duroc Farms!

It’s been pretty busy from my end, but as soon as I get the time, I’ll start cooking pork dishes.

I understand that the label says that the pork is good until 9th February but I’ve made sure that it’s stored in the freezer properly, so it should still be good for some time. I do intend to try and find recipes for Shimanto pork bowl until I get the best recipe.

Until then, stay safe, everyone.

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