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KoiRan/SLBP: Short Interview with Kaji Yuki

The seiyuu for Tokugawa Ieyasu, Kaji Yuki, gives his thoughts about the series and the character he voices.

Cast Message:

Kaji Yuki as Tokugawa Ieyasu

Q: Please tell us your impression about Tokugawa Ieyasu!
Kaji Yuki: I became more aware on how I should play it out beyond Act 1, since Ieyasu has opened his heart out to the heroine. At the same time, after the lands got unified, I wanted to convey the impression of Ieyasu in a larger capacity, especially as a samurai and as a man, through trial and error from my part.

Q: Are there any similarities between you and Ieyasu?
Kaji Yuki: Surprisingly, I started thinking, “He and I both are the type who can’t convey our feelings.” I was able to understand the flow of his mood naturally. (laughs) I’m not criticizing him though…!

Q: Other than Ieyasu, are there any characters who has caught your attention?
Kaji Yuki: Sanada Yukimura. A few years ago, I got hooked into this historical drama (NHK Taiga Drama 2016’s Sanadamaru). I really empathized with Sanada. (laughs) I hope the users who play the game would feel the fated connection between Yukimura and Ieyasu.

Q: Tell us an unforgettable moment during the recording!
Kaji Yuki: The recording was supposed to be done over the span of two days. Maybe it was because I was totally in sync with Ieyasu that the recording was over before I knew it, and I was able to deliver my lines with intensity. It was very fun.

Tokugawa Ieyasu’s Act 2 Voiced Crossroads will be out on 25th June at 16:00 (JST)!

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