otome romance, Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran ~Love Ballad~, Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran: Love Ballad | Natsu Koishi, Tenka no Utage | ~Oryouri Kenjou de Todokeru Omoi~, 天下統一恋の乱 Love Ballad~華の章~『夏​恋し、天下の宴~お料理献上で届ける想い~』, 天下統一恋の乱Love Ballad

Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran: Love Ballad | Natsu Koishi, Tenka no Utage | ~Oryouri Kenjou de Todokeru Omoi~ Event Report (September 2, 2018: Noon Session)

a.k.a. Kuroki Fumitaka (Oda Nobunaga) has become so comfortable in his role that he broke character several times


As soon as I arrived at the event, I was pretty much dreading everything because I have awful luck when it comes to drawing lots, and true enough, I was part of Group 5 (out of 8) for the goods buying.

My new friend from last week, Y-san, was also at the event, though she was unfortunate to be part of Group 8. She requested that I buy some Saizou acrylic stands for her, as she had an inkling that by the time it was her turn, there would be no more Saizou goods left for her. I agreed immediately since I know I will never ever need a Saizou item in my life, and I didn’t mind helping out a friend.

[More on the Saizou goods story later]

Since this is my second time in joining the event, I knew now which food was good (the chicken was so good, I ate a lot of it), which drinks were horrible (the amount of alcohol in Ieyasu’s and Masamune’s drinks were rather strong), and which drinks tasted alright.

Long story short: all the food and the drinks were good, but the lack of time to sample all 14 dishes and drinks meant you really have to spend a lot of time and money attending the event.

[Not much photos of the plate that I ate from because I was so hungry]

Ieyasu’s drink was rather sour from start to finish
Masamune’s was all alcohol, barely any fruity taste
Mitsunari’s was orange flavored, and rather sweet at the bottom

Finally, Ieyasu’s dish, which is eggplant.

Why eggplant? No idea.

[Well maybe but I’ll get back to you on that.]


All of these dishes and drinks are part of the game wherein you’ll write on a sheet of paper the name of your lord, and the drink and dish you’d be offering to them.

Like so (from last week’s photo):


If you get the answer correctly, you are rewarded with a bromide of your lord + their message for you because you served them their favorite dish and drink:


While this was fun, it was kinda annoying because you had to write all of your answers down on the sheet… and let’s just say I’ve been using my laptop and smartphone too often that I have forgotten how to write in kanji and have actually forgotten some of the kanji’s stroke order.

Not to mention, you need to know a lot about each warlord’s history (like who the hell knew you’d have to research about Shiroishi’s specialty dish, which is umen?!), as well as their characteristics in-game. The level of knowledge you need is so crucial in getting the bromide that if you have no idea about their background, you might as well not bother with the game.

The staff onsite is there to help you out and give you hints, but like I’ve said in my previous post, if you can’t speak/understand/read Japanese, this event will not be fun.

Goods buying was slightly intense for me this time around.

As I was part of Group 5, as soon as they announced that it was my group’s turn, I hurriedly stood up and queued, especially since I knew it was a battle for Saizou goods.

As if fate played a horrible trick on me, the moment I reached the goods buying table (I was first among the group), Saizou’s acrylic stand got sold out.

Not too much of a big deal for me since I don’t really care about him, but I felt really bad for my friend since she’s been wanting to get some Saizou goods.

On the other hand, I got what I wanted before it started getting sold out, which was ten minutes after I bought.

Every time Ieyasu smiles sincerely, he and MC gets laid.
Got more mirrors since I love the design. Hope they make one for Ieyasu soon.

[I got the bromides and chibi acrylic stands that I wanted but I’ll share the photos on another day.]

Regarding my Saizou luck, it’s a bit insane, if I have to be frank. 

Y-san bought 30 pieces of can badges and chibi acrylic stands last week but she got zero Saizou, which made me feel really bad for her because technically, buying more = more chances of getting the character you want, but it didn’t happen, and she basically threw an estimate of JPY20,000++++ for nothing.

She requested that I buy in her stead for today and gave me additional money to buy.

I bought a total of 12 can badges and 14 acrylic stands, and among those numbers, there were exactly three (3) Saizous that appeared from each merchandise, which shocked the hell out of her because I opened each item as she watched, and, well, the “magic” unfolded before her very eyes.

If there’s one thing I learned about buying merch based on luck, it’s rather difficult to get your favorite unless someone draws for you.

So now, Y-san and I have an agreement wherein if she gets any Masamune/Ieyasu/Nobuyuki, she’ll give it to me. In turn, if I get any Saizou merchandise, it’s all hers.

Another thing I learned today from listening from other people’s random talk about their faves is that it’s difficult to trade Saizou merchandise because the majority like him.

Me the whole time was like, “I don’t need him, you all can have him…!”

But what the hey, they all can fight over him; I’ll stick to my One-Eyed Dragon and Tanuki.

Parting shot before I end this entry.

Earlier, Kurotaka approached our table and began teasing the girl beside me when she tried to hide her answer sheet from him. 

Snapped a photo because why not.


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