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Voltage Inc Announcements on February 1st 2023

I literally cannot keep up!

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VolFes 2021: Event Report

The whole event felt like a battle…

Top (L ~ R): Toa Quelsum (Court of Darkness), Hirose Ryoichi (Sleepless Cinderella), Zell Rondo (Kagami no Naka no Princess Love Palace), Kougami Yamato (My Forged Wedding), Koizumi Yakumo (Ayakashi Romance Reborn)

Below (L ~ R): Momochi Takane (Destined: Mr. Almost Right from Love 365), Sakamoto Ryoma (Bakumatsu Ishin Amakakeru Koi), Sanada Yukimura (Samurai Love Ballad Party: Radiance), Shinonome Ayumu (Her Love In The Force from Love 365), Lyuo from Ouji-sama no Propose Eternal Kiss), Fujibayashi Sakuya (Samurai Love Ballad Party: Shadow), Kasumi Toshiki (Romance MD: Always on Call from Love 365)

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VolFes 2021

VolFes 2021: Same location, different year

It’s been a wild two days for me, but it ain’t over yet.

A proper blog post will be done soon enough!

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VolFes 2020 Shop Event Report

That got intense so fast.

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