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Advance Birthday Celebration

This has got to be the best birthday celebration since I moved.

It’s my birth month in December and my otome game friend Y asked if I was available so that we could meet up and celebrate. She mentioned that she wanted to give something to me as well.

We decided on the date, we ate the food at the restaurant, and was simply chatting about otome games and the like, until I noticed the staff bringing in a plate of cake slices to our table and, surprise, surprise, Date Masamune from SLBP was drawn on the plate as well.

Let’s just say I was so overwhelmed that until now, I am still unable to comprehend that DATE MASAMUNE WAS DRAWN ON A BIRTHDAY PLATE.

Honestly, it was both a shock and a surprise as I never expected this to happen; my take was that Y and I are friends, we help one another with trading goods from time to time, and we go to real-life events together whenever our schedules match.

I guess I should learn to trust my friends more and be more open as well; they’ve gone out of their way to make it happen and honestly, they treat me like one of their own.

Hoping for more birthdays to come!